Monday, October 17, 2011

Baby Shower!

Yesterday (Sunday) was Shikinah's baby shower. She and Ryan are expecting a baby boy (Danny) at the end of November, and yesterday we celebrated with food, games, and gifts. Olivia and I went over early to help set up. The shower had a nautical theme, so each table was adorned with a toy sailboat, anchor-shaped confetti, and blue glass bottles:

Naomi made an adorable fishnet bulletin board on which the guest tied their notes of baby-related advice: 

It was a potluck shower, so there was plenty of delicious food...

... and desserts.

There were shower games, presents opened, lots of conversation, and at the end while we were cleaning up, a beautiful rainbow:

Can't wait to meet baby Danny! :)

* Note: all pics were taken with my iPhone 4. After today, any point & shoot pics I post will have been be shot with my brand-spankin new iPhone 4S (8 megapixels.) 

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